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The enlightened thought

Depth in the study does not lead to the arrival of these matters because the depth in the study is restricted to the partialities of a matter, its structured composition and its laws. As for what lies around it and what is related to it then this lies outside of the deep study and rather it requires during the study shedding light upon that which surrounds the studied matter to know what surrounds it and what is related to it because it is not (actually) part of it. Al-Fikr ul-Mustaneer (The enlightened thought): As for the Fikr ul-Mustaneer (the enlightened thought) it is the most elevated and it is the thought that leads to the true Nahdah (revival). It is the thought that clears away the obscurities and it does not suffice with knowing or understanding the fundamentals of things and matters and their branches, or the reality and its effects, or the texts and their meanings as is the case with the deep thought. Rather it goes beyond all of that to understand that which surrounds the matters, what lies around them and is related to them. So when the one possessing this thought looks into and examines a thing he does not find it sufficient to arrive at its conclusion by knowing its particular weight or its atom make-up but rather it is necessary to know and understand its circumstances and conditions.

In other words it relates to knowledge of the laws that control over it, the specificities that it is distinguished by and that which must by necessity proceed along with it and is not able to escape from it or leave it behind unless its condition changes and its circumstances and conditions are replaced with others and as such is controlled by other laws and specificities or characteristics. When this level of depth is gone into in the study then it is necessary to enquire and question about that which is related to it, meaning that which has made this thing submit to these laws and made it proceed in that way according to these circumstances and conditions. This means shedding light upon the parts of the thing and the laws that control or govern it and to have knowledge of that which has made it submit to these laws. For this reason it has been named the enlightened thought as it has not left a single matter except that it has shed light upon it whilst the deep thought is insufficient and the superficial shallow thought is rejected.

This is the nature of the enlightened thought and what distinguishes it from the deep thought. These are the thoughts that govern the behaviours of the human and his conduct and upon its basis his concepts (Mafaheem) and inclinations (Mayool) are shaped and formed, and his viewpoint in life is defined by it, and through it he knows and understands the meaning of his existence in life. It is this thinking that decides his position and standing amongst people? So does he accept and choose to be declined in his thinking with a low level of comprehension? Is he satisfied to be shallow in his thinking and short sighted? Does he dive deep into depth whilst leaving a thousand questions and does he stay away from questioning of those around him in regards to connecting the causes and the effects or does he deal with it haphazardly when he is unable to provide reasoning?

Or does he seek the standing that Allah (swt) has dignified him with and the blessing that Allah (swt) has bestowed upon him, the blessing of the mind (intellect) and human dignity. He will think like a human and utilise his mind or intellect (‘Aql) to comprehend things or matters and clear the obscurities of matters away and understand their true realities. Therefore it is essential for him to follow the events and incidents and connect them to their causes and effects, to know their circumstances and conditions and to shed the exploratory light to understand all that which is related to them. This is so that he can proceed upon the path of revival and elevate to the heights of completeness by way of the ‘Aql (mind/intellect) and proof. Due to this we say: ‘The man will revive according to that which he possesses in terms of the thought about life, the universe and the human being and their relationship altogether with what is before the life of this Dunyaa and what lies after it’.
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Download BUKU Dakwah Rasul SAW Metode Supremasi Ideologi Islam