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An-Nahdah (Revival) Linguistic and terminological meanings

An-Nahdah (Revival) – Linguistic and terminological meanings: The word ‘An-Nahdah’ is an Arabic word derived from the verb Nahada (َضهنَ) which means Qaama (to stand) however it has begunَ َ to be used with an Istilaahi (terminological definition) meaning which indicates a specific reality. This meaning that has been provided in the modern time was not used by the Arabs previously. This is because its linguistic meaning according to what the Arabs laid down differs from this terminological meaning. Therefore the word should not return to its linguistic meaning without a Qareenah (indication/linkage) as its new terminological meaning has become widespread, dominant and it represents the meaning that comes straight to the mind when it is mentioned or heard by social scientists, the majority of educated people and even the general masses. As for its linguistic meaning then the following was stated in the dictionary ‘Lisaan Al-‘Arab’: Nahada: The departing/rising from a position/placement and standing from it. Nahada, YanHadu, Nahdan, Nuhoodan i.e. Stood up.

Intahada Al- Qawm (the people raised up) meaning: They stood up for battle. An-Nahdah: The strength (energy) and power (Taaqah and Quwwah). A Naahid place means: Elevated (place). It is therefore evident that the terminological meaning representing the subject of our study cannot be found within the linguistic meanings mentioned above. Introduction: It could come to the mind that the Nahdah represents scientific progress, increased production, the abundance of factories and the use of technology and innovation in the material forms used in life with the consideration that the Nahdah only means progress and the moving of the society and people from one condition to a better one.

 This understanding reached the point to where some imagined that every land that experiences economic affluence is revived despite this statement being contradictory to the witnessed sensed reality in many of the lands that enjoy economic flourishing, abundance in the material forms of life and affluence in living whilst in reality being from amongst the most backward and declined countries. For this reason it is necessary to give a definition of An-Nahdah, define its meaning and the manner of achieving it. Is it as some have claimed: the spread of education, the increase of riches or combating illnesses and diseases? And based on this understanding the reasons they claim to be the cause of backwardness i.e. Poverty, ignorance and disease need be cancelled out and removed? Is the abundance of schools, educational institutes, universities, large numbers of university graduates carrying higher certifications in all disciplines a proof of the revival of the country or that it is upon the path leading to revival? It can be clearly sensed that many of the backward countries have suffered due to the great number of graduates holding higher certifications.

This has reached the point where they have become a burden and strain upon them and a heavy weight, as they have been unable to provide them with a dignified income which has compelled these graduates as a result to leave these lands and seek their Rizq (sustenance) elsewhere. This has made it necessary to implement an education policy to meet the challenge of the large number of graduates in a large number of fields and this is done through putting down a policy based on a specific percentage of passes in addition to a specific number of admissions to absorb those graduates who one day will be standing at the doors of the departments seeking work or a position that will provide them with a living.

The percentage of graduates and those carrying higher certifications in many of the lands that are considered to be backward and are categorised under what they have called third world countries is much greater than the percentage of graduates and those holding higher certifications found in the most progressive countries. Indeed what has happened is that these graduates (from the Muslim lands) have been exported to all corners of the world and particularly to the most revived and progressive states and on top of that many of them have even given up their nationalities in order to live in those foreign lands. Therefore if we examine for example any land from amongst the lands of the third world (i.e. the lands of our Islamic world) then we would see that which amazes the minds and baffles those of understanding.

Take for example Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, Syria or Turkey amongst others and you will find that tens of thousands of the sons of these states hold higher certifications in education and across all areas including medicine, physics, engineering, chemistry, atom studies and technological areas. They have left their lands and gone in search for a source of sustenance and as such many have settled in America, Germany and many other lands from amongst the revived and progressive nations in addition to other lands in the world. This issue has given rise to many points of discussion and many writers and thinkers have spoken about it under titles such as: ‘The ripe minds have been stolen’ or ‘The flight of the minds to the land of the minds’ or ‘America has bought our minds with money’ amongst other similarly provocative headings and titles. Despite this, these minds and this plentiful number of graduates have been incapable of reviving the Ummah (Moslems Society) and elevating her.

By taking a simple look at these states we find within them an abundance of raw materials, natural resources and manpower which is beyond words and we can summarise this in the summarized statement: ‘They represent the richest part of the world in terms of what Allah has granted it with and the favours that he has specifically chosen for it’. In spite of this they suffer from extreme poverty and languish under the heavy burden of debts to the point that it borrows more just to pay the interest on the previous loans. They are unable to fulfil what is demanded from them and persist upon demanding revisions to the loan schedule so that one crisis does not end before a new one begins which is even greater and the situation becomes worse than before.

The reason for this does not go beyond one of two matters: It is either the ignorance of those who are responsible for the Ummah (Moslems Society)’s affairs, in regards to the meaning of Nahdah and the way of achieving it, so they stumble about randomly in their policies and caretaking of the people’s affairs. Or they are merely agents to their masters and traitors to their Ummah (Moslems Society) whose job is to tame the people and keep the lands a fertile ground, open mine and vast market for their masters who placed them in the positions of authority over the people. They could also be a combination of the two matters combining their ignorance to their servitude and agency to their masters. In light of this it is necessary to understand what the Nahdah is, the foundations that it is established upon and the path that leads to its achievement.
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