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far from superficiality or shallowness

 It would also be necessary to make effort to understand if there is behind this party leading the protest any other influence or direction that has pushed this party in the direction of demonstrating in order to achieve a specific aim or objective. All of this is necessary so that when we issue our judgment upon the reality it is correct or near to being correct. It is sufficient for our judgement to have been deep and not merely restricted to one manifested reality from amongst the manifestations related to that reality. Rather we would have expended effort to understand the reality according to its true reality and we would have examined the factors, objectives, circumstances and conditions that relate to this incident and after that we would have issued a judgement. Another example: A young man wishes to marry; he sees a beautiful girl and then judges from her appearance that she is suitable to be his wife. This is a shallow and superficial judgement. It would be more elevated to know whether she is already married or not? Is she healthy or sick? Is she able to speak or is she mute? Is she fertile or barren?

And even more elevated than that would be for him to know her family from her father? And what house she is living in? And even more elevated than this would be to understand her viewpoint towards life and what her beliefs are? What thought does she carry? If he fulfils this study and gains an understanding of this reality then his judgement upon this reality would become elevated and close to what is correct. Another example: When we listen to a text that is read out or we read a subject. If our reading or listening to that text was for the sake of killing time or self-amusement or if it was absent in terms of vision and depth in regards to comprehending its meanings or we were unable to do that, then we would pass a superficial or shallow judgement upon this text. However when we examine its literary form and make effort to know its conformity to the rules of the language, then in this case we can make a judgment from a literary angle and aspect. However when we try to contemplate its meanings and understand the reality upon which it applies, to know the one who has compiled the text and the occasion or circumstances in which it was made, then we would have taken from this text or this study an intellectual taking which is far from superficiality or shallowness.

Our judgement upon it would then be a deep judgement that is far away from shallowness and superficiality as a result. As for the deep thought, it is also a judgment upon a reality however it requires the knowledge of the reality and is not restricted to one manifestation from amongst its manifestations or one particularity from amongst its particularities. Knowing and understanding matters and things requires knowledge of its partialities and specificities so that there minute composition can be arrived at. As for understanding the realities and events then it is necessary to know and understand the sides involved in the dispute and the matter being disputed over, in addition to the circumstance or conditions that the dispute is occurring upon and the direct causes and indirect causes for it if they exist. As for understanding the legislative text then this requires another matter as it requires wide knowledge needed to interpret the text and understand it, in addition to expending effort to distinguish between the legislative text and the literary text or algebraic text and so on.

It also requires wide knowledge needed to understand the indications of the worded expressions whether they are literal or metaphorical and to comprehend the meanings of the sentences and compositional structures. If all of this knowledge is present and we have expended effort to judge upon the text or understand it, we would have then judged upon it or understood it correctly or close to that which is correct. This is the deep thought. However it still remains incomplete and falls short in fulfilling all that the study requires. This is because things, matters and realities have circumstances and conditions that have an effect upon them and they have related matters that it is necessary to comprehend whilst these circumstances, conditions and related matters are not part of the things, matters, realities or events. So studying a poem does not mean that the poet is known, or the circumstance in which it was said or written are known, just as understanding a destructive explosion does not mean that the one who is behind it is known or the aim behind it or who ordered it to be done are known.
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Download BUKU Dakwah Rasul SAW Metode Supremasi Ideologi Islam