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everything in the universe is limited

For this reason when we wish to put down a basic or fundamental principle for our thought then that is done by providing a comprehensive idea about the universe, the human and the life where this is the reality that the senses can fall upon and where it is comprehensive dealing with every matter. It is therefore necessary to establish its reality first to know if it is Azaliy (eternal) or if it is created by a creator. So in relation to this sensed reality of the universe, the man and the life it is necessary to gain depth in it to know and understand its circumstances, conditions and what relates to it. From here we must return to all the information we have about it and the natural laws and dynamics that accompany it.

This reality is then judged and the information that we have at our disposal is judged measuring them all by the collection of intellectual principles and measures that are axioms (indisputable acknowledged facts). Therefore when we discover that everything in it (the universe) is Mahdood (limited) and that everything within it is Muhtaaj (needy), that all of it is subservient to a system that regulates it, and when we know that every part from amongst its parts submits to laws and contain properties that cannot be abandoned. When we discover all of this within this reality along with the information that explains it and we return back to the intellectual (rational) measures and principles and indeed the most obvious rationalities which establish a single true reality.

The truth that behind every organised system there is an organiser and that anything organised by a system is not capable of exiting from its regulation and system. When we witness within this reality that the temperature of the sun differs from the temperature of the atmospheres surrounding it and when we know that there are many suns and that they also differ from the atmospheres surrounding them. When we witness that it is a shining light that radiates its heat and yet is unable to offset the heat or equalise with the atmospheres that surround it. When we connect this reality to the intellectual rational principles and measures we possess, they dictate that every hot entity loses some of its heat gradually until it is equal to its surroundings. We therefore judge with certainty (Yaqeen) that it must have a beginning point i.e. that it is not Azaliy (eternal). This judgement is therefore an intellectual (rational) judgement that is built upon the mind as it is built upon the intellectually undisputed facts (axioms) and obvious facts.

When we arrive to the understanding that it has a beginning point and that it is not eternal then the mind necessitates that there is something that has brought it into existence, provided it with this heat and made it subservient to systems that regulate it. This then is the intellectual judgment that is built upon the mind and it represents the first condition in regards to ascertaining whether the comprehensive idea is a correct thought and that the Hukm (judgement) applies upon the reality in a complete manner, and as such is a correct thought. Example: Everything possessing heat continues to emit or radiate its heat if the atmosphere around it is less than its temperature and it continues to emit this heat until its temperature is equal to the atmosphere surrounding it and this is like a cup of tea. So if we were to pour tea into a mug (cup) and the temperature of the tea was 90 degrees, it would begin to radiate its heat, which it would lose gradually until it reaches the temperature of the place which is surrounding it. If we entered a room in which there was a cup of tea that was still hot, we would be able to calculate the time from when it had been poured.

However after its temperature had become equal to its surroundings then we would be unable to specify a time period for how long it had been there. However we would be able to say that it had stood there for a long period since the time that it was poured. The above relates to the loss of temperature and there is another measure that is related to radiation when substances lose structuring due to emission or radiation and it can transform into another element (or state) due to the loss of this radiation. So for example uranium changes into lead after its radiation has taken place and based upon this the structure of the lead is calculated differently from the element of uranium due to the radiation.
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Download BUKU Dakwah Rasul SAW Metode Supremasi Ideologi Islam