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deep understanding of reality to revive society

Understanding the reality and gaining a deep understanding of it: 

 We have stated above: That it is not possible to judge upon any reality with a correct judgement unless we have understood that reality, known its circumstances and conditions and what it affects or is affected in it. This is in addition to the information that we possess about it, a confirmation of the correctness of this information and the correctness of its explanation for this reality. And that this is done by measuring all of it by the fundamental principles and rational axioms (accepted universal truths) at the time of connecting that reality with the information whilst issuing the judgement upon it.

 Therefore those who desire revival and elevation must gain a deep understanding of the reality that he wishes to treat, to understand the sicknesses that it contains and the causes of these sicknesses or diseases. This will provide them with the knowledge that will enable them to prescribe a successful treatment and the medicine that will cure all of these sicknesses. This is after they have digested their idea and envisioned their method (path) i.e. they carry an ideology that they believe in and are sincere to. This is because the pharmacist who is an expert in medicines and their effects upon diseases and bacteria is unable to prescribe any treatment for the patient unless he is aware of the type of disease despite his pharmacy containing hundreds of types of medicines and medications that fight disease and bacteria. He will not provide a treatment until the illness has been diagnosed by a specialist doctor. And even more than this would be for the doctor to undertake the necessary analysis by taking the bacterium and examining it to discover the cause of the disease or illness. He would then test it with substances that respond to it to understand which medications have the greatest effect upon it. Therefore the (sound) treatment dictates the diagnosis of the illness first, then to know the bacterium that is the cause of the illness, followed by knowledge about the medication that will deal with this bacterium and then the provision of the suitable quantity of this treatment to the patient to treat him according to what the body is capable of absorbing.

 Based on this we say:

 We want to revive the society. So what then is the society? And what are the diseases or sicknesses that it is suffering from? And what are its causes i.e. what bacterium has affected it? After this follows the knowledge of the treatment that removes these causes and as a result also removes the diseases?


We can be absolutely certain that the society (Mujtama’) is formed from a group or collective from amongst the people who have permanent relationships existing between them based upon unified thoughts and concepts that lead to common emotions or sentiments. These relationships are regulated by a system that (in turn) regulates the conduct of the individuals and takes care of the affairs of the collective, resolves their disputes, dispels the rivalries and prevents the violations. This means that the society is made up of a collection from the people who have a general (public) custom that they embrace and a system that regulates it. By this we have defined the reality that we want to treat i.e. we have defined the society and its components.

 This is the reality of the society and these are the bases or fundamentals upon which the society is established and formed. It is the measure of its soundness or corruption, its decline or elevation, its revival or stumbling, its stagnation or vitality and its unity or fragmentation. This is because its unity is manifested in accordance to the extent of the agreement of the system with the custom and by the extent of the commitment and abiding of the people to the public or general custom, norms and traditions that they have inherited in addition to their Imaan (belief) in them and their awareness in respect to them.

 As a result of this understanding it has become easy to specify and recognise the deep-rooted and chronic diseases that have afflicted our society easy to know and understand the symptoms of the diseases. Due to this, it has become easy to be aware of the successful treatment for them and their comprehensive cure.

 However due to the lack of clarity of this picture and lack of knowledge and understanding of the components of the society and the bases or fundamentals it is established upon, the society continues to spiral into the depths of the abyss and the efforts of those working to change it are not capable of reviving it or even in the very least halt its decline.

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Download BUKU Dakwah Rasul SAW Metode Supremasi Ideologi Islam