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solve the problem in a correct manner

In other words knowledge of the laws that are controlling over it and of its causes and effects is required. This is all essential before engaging in the thinking process i.e. before connecting the reality to the information or the information to the reality. Similarly it is necessary to make judgement upon this reality along with its related information, its circumstances and conditions. This is by measuring it to specific principles and given undisputed intellectual accepted facts (axioms) so that all ambiguities can be cleaned away and every obscurity removed. After this truthful sensation and the confirmation of the correctness of this sensation, the sensation transfers to the brain so that its opinion of it can be examined and its true reality established. However the brain cannot to do this unless it obtains the information that explains to it this reality.

This applies in the same way whether this information was retained or gained. And just as his sensation passes judgement upon a specific principle or principles it is also necessary for the information explaining this reality to be judged upon the same principle or principles that the sensation has been judged upon. This means the measuring of the information upon firm principles and given accepted intellectual facts (axioms) that confirm the correctness of the information. This is so that it is not in opposition to the intellectual rational axioms (indisputably accepted facts), what the sound mind necessitates. Thereafter the mind undertakes the process of connecting between the reality and the information. If the connection and linkage was correct then it would be an intellectual result that is built upon the mind. Therefore the crucial point for intellectual judgements to be considered to be built upon the ‘Aql (mind/intellect) returns back to a collection of principles and axioms ((indisputably accepted facts) by which the reality is measured or by measuring the information during the process of connecting by them.

As such they are not considered as being built upon the mind merely as a result of the ‘Aql making a judgement upon it. This is similar to mathematical equations which are not solved without first putting down laws and formulae. The utilisation of any incorrect rule or law would lead to an error in every solution that uses that law or formula and will inevitably lead to the wrong result and even if he proceeded to solve the problem in a correct manner (according to the wrong law or formula). As for what these principles and indisputably accepted facts (axioms) are? Then they are general thoughts and intellectual principles that the sound mind has laid down to understand the partial thoughts and to issue intellectual (rational) judgements i.e. to generate thoughts. These are like the natural laws of physics in addition to chemical, mathematical, logarithmic and square root laws amongst others. In every field of knowledge intellectual axioms (accepted facts) have been laid down that are relied upon for understanding.

This is like the statement that two opposites cannot come together, that two is greater than one, that the straight line is the shortest line between two points, behind every effect their lies a cause and behind every system there lies an organiser, amongst thousands of other principles in every area and field of knowledge. Utilising these principles and intellectual axioms during the thought process makes the result intellectual (rational) and built upon the mind. However attempting to reconcile between existence (of a creator) and non-existence or stopping the study when it is only half way along its path, or relying on incidental matters or chance or upon matter being the source of thought, then all of these in addition to being false are not suitable to be fundamental principles to be used as measures and it is not valid to say that the thoughts that are built upon them are thoughts that have been built upon the mind. This is because building upon the mind necessitates that the basis that is built upon is an intellectual (rational) basis. This means that the principle or principles that are built upon during the connecting process are indeed principles and measures taken from the intellectual (rational) axioms and indeed from the obvious matters and truths that no two minds can rationally disagree upon.
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Download BUKU Dakwah Rasul SAW Metode Supremasi Ideologi Islam