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comprehensive idea about the universe

This comprehensive idea about the universe (all that exists), the human and life which is used to understand the meaning of the life of this world and which has arisen from a comprehensive and examining view of the universe, man and life is what has been called the Aqeedah. This is where the Aqeedah has been defined as: ‘The comprehensive idea about the universe, man and life and about what is before the life and what is after it, and their relationship altogether with what is before the life and their relationship with what is after the life’. Due to this the Aqeedah is the only path to generate the correct concepts about the life of the world and to understand this period of time that the human spends in the life, in addition to understanding the meaning of his existence and what he must do. This means that it is the Aqeedah that defines for him his viewpoint in life and from it the systems that regulate his life emanate, in addition to the controls or principles that govern his conduct and behaviours. It is therefore the Qaa’idah Al-Asaasiyah (The fundamental principle/basis) upon which all of his thoughts are built as it has not left out anything that the senses can fall upon except that it has been included by the comprehensive idea which has arisen from a scrutinised and researched view. It has provided a complete answer whether this relates to his conduct or his thoughts.

This is because it is the fundamental principle and as we have stated thoughts represent judgements upon things, realities or events. This comprehensive idea covers everything that can fall upon the senses and as such is a fundamental principle (basis) to judge upon anything or any matter in existence as these matters are considered as being parts of this complete and comprehensive view for everything that is in existence. As for his actions and behaviours which must be in line with his viewpoint that he has formulated about life and the meaning of his existence in it, then these are branches resulting from the knowledge or understanding of his relationship with what was before the life and his final destination after the life. It is therefore inevitable for all of his actions and behaviours to be branches that have emanated from his knowledge and understanding about his relationship as a human with that which was before the life of the world i.e. the relationship of the human with what was before the life meaning with the one who brought him into existence into the life upon this universe.

An issue remains: Is every Aqeedah suitable for Nahdah (revival)? And is every Aqeedah correct? Every comprehensive thought about the universe, the human and the life, what is before the life and what is after it and about the relationship of what was before the life and the relationship of what is after it, meaning any Aqeedah, is suitable to be a basis for revival because it comprises a fundamental (basic) principle for things and matters, a fundamental principle for relationships in addition to being the basis of a viewpoint in life in addition to providing the answer to the meaning of life. Following from this it draws out a path for the carrier of this thought to proceed in the way of revival, meaning elevation from one state or condition to a better one for the individual or society.

Therefore the Aqeedah that encompasses all of these bases can act as a basis for revival and indeed revival cannot be completed except by it and upon it. If however the Aqeedah was deficient or restricted to a certain aspect to the exclusion of another and neglected something that necessarily needed to be included, then in that case it would not be suitable. Indeed it would not be valid to call it an Aqeedah based upon the definition and if it has been called an Aqeedah then this has only been done by way of Majaaz (metaphorical and not a true meaning of its reality). As for the question of whether it is a correct thought or correct principle that leads to a correct revival and the transferring of an individual or society to a better condition or state, then this requires establishing a Daleel (evidence) upon the correctness of the thought or principle and establishing proof in relation to that.
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Download BUKU Dakwah Rasul SAW Metode Supremasi Ideologi Islam