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organic needs and instinctual hungers

This represents an attempt to satisfy his hunger or desire for procreation in an incorrect or a deviant satisfaction in regards to one of its manifestations. As for the correct comprehensive idea (Aqeedah), it is the thought that does not overlook the Fitrah of the human being in terms of his organic needs and instinctual hungers (urges/drives). Rather it aims at organising all of these hungers and not suppressing them and it arranged and organised their realities in a precise manner and it did not let them run free. This meant that it did not allow the satisfaction of one at the expense of another.

Therefore the Aqeedah like this which the second measure or criterion has judged to be correct due to its agreement with the inherent nature of the man, we say that the like of this Aqeedah is correct, as long as it fulfils two conditions: a) That it is ‘Aqliyah (intellectual/rational) and built upon the ‘Aql (mind). b) That it is in agreement (harmony) with the Fitrah (inherent nature) of the human being. We therefore decisively affirm that the comprehensive thought (Aqeedah) i.e. the Qaa’idah Al-Fikriyah (Intellectual principle/basis) upon which the human builds his thoughts, and from which the systems of his life emanate, must fulfil two conditions. It must be intellectual and built upon the mind so that the intellectual conviction can be attained and it must also be in agreement with the human Fitrah resulting in the tranquillity of the heart. This is what leads to human happiness and it is the principle or basis that is utilised to achieve the revival of human kind. So the intellectual conviction is what the human uses to regulate and conduct his affairs whilst the agreement to the Fitrah is what brings tranquillity, peace and contentment into his heart. The Aqeedah or the Qaa’idah Al-Fikriyah (Intellectual basis): The Aqeedah has been defined as: A comprehensive thought (idea) about the universe, the human and the life, and what was before the life and what was after the life, and about their relationship with what was before them and their relationship with what was after them.

However is this comprehensive thought sufficient to act as a Qaa’idah Fikriyah (Intellectual principle or basis for thought) upon which all of the thoughts that the human could possibly face in life are built upon? Is it possible for this thought to be comprehensive in its entirety for every aspect of life and not restricted to one aspect whilst leaving another? Has this thought laid down bases that make it present and existent within the reality of life? In other words, does this Aqeedah include within it the manner to bring it in to existence in life, the manner to implement it and safeguard it i.e. does it include a Tareeqah (method) to bring it to life within the present reality, to safeguard it, to explain how the human problems should be treated and how to carry it mankind?

If the answer to all of these questions is affirmative then this is what would make the Aqeedah an intellectual basis in truth, from which all of the treatments and solutions of life emanate from, and upon which all of the thoughts that the human can possibly come across are built. It has a specific manner for implementing its treatments or solutions, to preserve and safeguard them and to carry them to mankind i.e. it possesses a Tareeqah (method) to bring it into existence within life. Therefore it would be an intellectual Aqeedah from which a system of life emanates for the human being living upon this earth, whilst at the same time it provides bases for the implementation of this system, and to make it reach every human being and it is not restricted to one aspect whilst ignoring others.

It does not look to one group of people to the exclusion of others as it views the human in his reality as a human being. It is not restricted to one region to the exclusion of others and as such has a complete view of all that exists. It is not restricted to exhortation, guidance and advice but rather adopts a specific manner to enable the human to bring the Aqeedah into existence in life and implement what it has come with in terms of systems and the treatments or solutions that have emanated from it.
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Download BUKU Dakwah Rasul SAW Metode Supremasi Ideologi Islam