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sound and correct revival for human or society

This brief summary above was presented so that we can understand the extent of the effect of the comprehensive thought and what emanates from it in regards to the systems that are applied upon this human being who is the subject of our study and the problem that we want to address and solve. Therefore any comprehensive thought (Aqeedah) along with what emanates from it in terms of treatments and solutions that did not take into account these (natural) compositions of the human self, is considered to be an incorrect thought, that is not compatible with the objective of bringing a sound and correct revival for the human or his society. In summary, the first criteria, which is that the thought is rational (intellectual) and built upon the mind, is a correct measure or criterion and the second criteria which is the agreement of that comprehensive idea to the Fitrah (inherent nature) of the human, is also a correct measure. And any comprehensive thought that is in opposition with these two criteria or any one of them is an incorrect or false thought that is not suitable for the sound or correct Nahdah (revival).

For example when a particular thought is being established related to the repression of the instinct of procreation or the spread of the thought of monasticism and abstention, this thought is false and incorrect because it does not take into consideration the procreation instinct that exists naturally and inherently within the human being. If every human was to abide by this thought then this would mean the end of the human race after only a short time from the point of embracing this kind of thought. (A group from amongst the Sahaabah went to the houses of the wives of the Nabi (saw) and asked about his ‘Ibaadah (acts of worship). When they were told, it was as if they thought it was little and said: Where are we in relation to the Messenger of Allah (saw) who has been forgiven his past and future wrong actions? Then one of them said: I will pray throughout the night and never sleep. The second said: I will fast continuously and never break my fast. The third said: I will isolate myself from women and never marry.

Then when this news reached the Messenger of Allah (saw) he addressed the people in the Masjid and said: What is the matter with those people who say such and such things!? As for me, I stand up for prayer at night and (then) I sleep, I fast and I break it and I marry women. So this is my Sunnah and whoever desires to turn away from my Sunnah then he is not from me). This is in relation to the thought’s opposition to the Fitrah of Allah that he has created the people upon. Similarly this is the case when a comprehensive idea is established upon the repression of the survival instinct or the suppression of one of its manifestations like the love of ownership which they have called the ownership instinct and considered to be (merely) an acquired custom or habit. Regardless of their incompetence in that consideration, it is evident that the reality of ownership or possession exists within the child who has yet to acquire anything from his surroundings or those who are around him.

The attempt to repress this reality represents a failed attempt and it will inevitably lead to the unhappiness and misery of the human due to it being in opposition to his Fitrah (inherent nature). We would say: It is an incorrect comprehensive idea and it is not suitable to revive the human with a sound (correct) revival or to provide him with happiness and contentment. Additionally this kind of thought cannot be achieved in reality in the absence of the use of coercion and force. Likewise any comprehensive idea or thought that attempts to prevent the human from feeling the need for a power that he can seek refuge in whenever he faces hardship or a harm befalls him is a failure of an idea or thought. This is because it is not possible to remove these feelings and whenever we attempt to do so we redirect and divert these feelings of sanctification and respect in another direction. As for completely removing these feelings then this is pure fantasy and diverting them to sanctification, reverence and respect to a State, person, leader or anything else is exactly like the attempt to convince people with the idea of abstinence from marriage whilst leaving him to satisfy himself by way of Zinaa (Fornication) or homosexuality for example.
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Download BUKU Dakwah Rasul SAW Metode Supremasi Ideologi Islam