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components of human entity

This is all so that he can be elevated to the level of a human being that Allah (swt) has dignified him with. For this reason it is essential to gain comprehension and understanding of this human being. We have said since the beginning that the conduct of the human and regulation of his behaviour proceeds in accordance to his concepts about life. And that these concepts are a collection of thoughts that the human believes in and has comprehended their reality. And that these thoughts are a collection of judgements that the mind issues in relation to realities, events and things, and they specify and define his position towards them. Built upon this it becomes clear that what determines the human conduct and behaviour is this power of intellect that Allah (swt) has granted him with.

Therefore these judgments that are issued from this human power of intellect must be in agreement with the composition of this human. It must be at home with it, able to settle it and provide it with comfort and tranquillity. In other words, the comprehensive thought about the universe, the man and the life need to be in agreement (and harmony) with the Fitrah (nature) of the human being and his natural composition i.e. in agreement with the components of this human entity or body. So what then are these human components? Firstly: The organic components/ the organic composition: It is from the most well known and accepted matters that the organic composition of the human demands fundamental elements that must be provided to him so that his body does not to perish, its need for development is taken care of and its capability for movement is ensured. These elements are represented in all that the human requires in terms of food and drink including all that the food and drink contains in terms of those elements that the body is in need of. This is addition to that which he naturally takes directly from the air in terms of oxygen and other elements. Just as he requires that which will nourish his strength and development, he also needs to dispose of waste.

Therefore any fundamental thought that does not take into account this organic composition, is not compatible with these needs and does not lead to the satisfaction of these hungers, is a destructive thought that will lead to the dying out of the human species and the wrecking of human life. Secondly: The instinctive (Ghareeziy) composition: It is also a well known and accepted matter that this human is very attentive to the continuation of his life and gives this matter his full attention and concern. For him this is a vital issue that he would fight until death for. Similarly he is very attentive to the continuance of human kind and the attention he gives to this is no less than the attention and care he places to the continuance of his body. So he pays care and attention to his parents and children and his readiness to sacrifice himself and his wealth for any of them reveals clearly to us that the issue of the continuance of the human kind is a vital life and death issue. I would like to bring attention to an important aspect related to preserving and safeguarding the continuance of the kind (species) and the mentioning of this is for the sake of bringing clarity to the issue.

This issue is that of AL-‘Ird (honour) because the issue of honour is a subject that is clear to the eyes and it is well established to be from amongst the vital issues connected to the importance of life and death. So the continuation of the species and the human kind is an inevitable matter and a vital issue. He is also is very attentive to finding a safe and secure place to seek refuge in at the time of severity which he can turn to in the time of need, when the supporters are few and he has lost all protectors. In other words this occurs when somebody is incapable of meeting his need or finding security from his fears. These inner driving dispositional sensations and feelings have been called instincts. They are the inherent or latent energy within him and what motivates him towards continuous activity and to continuously move forward. Some people have categorised the instincts and counted them to be in excess of one hundred however in respect to all of these manifestations which they have considered to be instincts we return to the origin that they have originated from.
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Download BUKU Dakwah Rasul SAW Metode Supremasi Ideologi Islam