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concepts about the life

This is so that the human can define the meaning of his existence in this life. Based on this he defines his concepts about the life of the Dunyaa, which then specifies his conduct in the life of this world built upon this comprehensive thought, in addition to specifying what is built upon it in terms of thoughts and what emanates from it in terms of meanings, concepts and solutions (treatments). Second: The comprehensive idea needs to include the treatment for the individual’s most fundamental problem. This is the specifying of the meaning of his existence within the life. Similarly it needs to include the treatments (solutions) for all of his problems, so that all of his relationships are regulated for him i.e. his actions and behaviours are regulated in this life. This is so that he is not left in a continual cycle of contradictions or as a victim of fears, whispers (obsessions), worry and stress where he is afraid for himself, or afraid for his kind (species) or his dignity, or he does not feel safe or secure.

This means that the comprehensive idea has provided him with the bases for all of the solutions and treatments to all of the problems that he will face within the period of time that he will spend upon this earth i.e. the stage of the life of this world. Third: That this Aqeedah has the potential to be spread to mankind and it is not restricted to one people to the exclusion of others. Allah (swt) says: O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Verily Allah is Aleemun Khabeer (Al-Hujuraat 13). This is because it is a comprehensive thought that encompasses everything and because it has looked at the human in his human perspective in origin. It represents a thought because it has been produced intellectually by making an intellectual judgement upon a collection (of matters) which his senses have fallen upon. Therefore it is necessary for it to be intellectual (rational) and address the minds of human beings and make the mind or intellect the source of responsibility (Manaat At-Takleef). Based on this it is also necessary for it to include the obligation of spreading it and working by it and for it.

This is so that it is valid and correct to call it a Qaa’idah Fikriyah (Intellectual basis) and a Qiyaadah Fikriyah (Intellectual leadership) which the human is led by and by which he leads others. Fourth: The comprehensive idea must contain within it, the manner of preserving (safeguarding) it and the manner of keeping it pure and maintaining its clarity. So it is not correct for it to be exposed to blemishes that hide its clarity or that something is included in it which in origin is not from it and as a result its purity is lost. Therefore it is essential for the mentality to be based on certainty (Yaqeen) and far away from speculation or doubt (Zhann). It needs to be distanced from anything that has not been established upon the definite (Yaqeeni) Daleel (evidence) to prove its correctness. Allah (swt) says: They follow nothing but Zhann (matters with doubt) and verily the Zhann does not avail the truth in anything (An-Najm 28). Exhortation is not sufficient in regards to the preservation of the idea but rather punishments are enforced upon those who attempt to change it, harm it or take it based on Zhann. Fifth: This Aqeedah must include a manner to implement what it has come with in terms of treatments (solutions) and a Tareeqah (method) that enables the establishment of these treatments within the reality of life.

It is not sufficient for these solutions to be left to the individual to take them as advice or exhortations for him to take or leave as he wishes. Rather it is essential for there to be a Tareeqah (method) for these solutions that make their existence in the life of the individual,, people and society an inevitable matter whether he likes it or not. So when it exhorts to the safeguarding of the human life it has made a Tareeqah (method) to implement that by way of (the punishment of) killing the killer.
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Download BUKU Dakwah Rasul SAW Metode Supremasi Ideologi Islam