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How human should proceed in this life

This will therefore provide him with the understanding of the meaning of his existence, how he should proceed in this life and where his life is leading to. Indeed these are the questions and the Aqeedah has answered these questions with answers that have clarified the path for the human to know the meaning of his existence and how he should proceed. It has explained for him his relationship with what is before the life which provides for him an explanation of what he should do in the life. Therefore the materialist Aqeedah has answered these questions by stating: That there is no creator, that life is matter, matter is eternal and that matter through its proves of evolution is the source of everything. So the Fikr (thought) and ‘Aql (mind/intellect) are a product of matter and as such matter is the source of Tafkeer (thinking). Relationships related to production are specified by the means of production and the means of production are a result of the evolution of matter. In addition the production relationships evolve in line with the material evolution i.e. in line with the means of production.

As such matter (i.e. their Aqeedah) with its continual evolution according to their claim, is the source of the thinking (or thought) and the source of their systems and laws. So the rock, axe, tractor, car, plane and missile are what determine the systems that regulate the relationships between the people. This is according to their claim and what the Aqeedah that they believe in and have embraced dictates. As for the capitalist Aqeedah (I.e. Democracy): Then they have answered these questions through the separation of the Deen from the life and they have declared that the Hukm (rule) is of the people, by the people and for the people. In other words they have made the human being the source of everything, so he is the one who lays down his systems and laws and it is he who defines the path that he proceeds along. So he regulates his relationships, satisfies his hungers and meets his needs in accordance to his wishes and desires. There is no room for infringement or interference in this and as such it is necessary to provide him with his freedom so that he can practise his will. Therefore the individual is the source of the system and the laws and for this reason they stated that the people are the source of the authorities and the people are those who enact the laws and lay down the legislations.

As such the democratic (capitalist) Aqeedah is the source of the system and basis from which it emanates. As for the Islamic Aqeedah then it states: That this universe (or all that exists) has a creator that created it and He is Allah (swt). That this life has a beginning and an end. After it there is accounting for what was earned (i.e. what he did) within the time period that he spent in the life. As such it is then necessary for the regulation of the relationships between the people, the regulation of the human life, the specification of his actions and his behaviours to be built and based upon the commands of this creator and organiser (Mudabbir). So the Wahi (revelation) is the means to convey to the people that which they require from their Rabb (lord) and what their creator intends for them.

This is done by way of the Messengers he sends and this is His Sunnah (swt) (the way that He (swt) has chosen). Therefore the system and the laws that organise the relationships between the people and regulate his conducts and behaviours emanate from the very same Aqeedah. This Aqeedah is: Imaan (belief) in Allah, His angels, His books, His Messengers and the Day of Judgement. So the Messenger (saw) conveyed to the people the Wahi (revelation) that came from Allah (swt). The Qur’aan Al-Kareem and the Ahaadeeth Ash-Shareefah (Noble) (i.e. the Sunnah) was what the Wahi came with and they are a part of the Aqeedah (belief) (His books and his Messengers). And they included within them a complete system and large collection of Shar’iyah rulings to regulate the life of the individual and organise the life of the society. And they came explaining the manner of implementing these solutions and treatments and to establish them within life’s reality in addition to explaining the manner of carrying it to mankind in its entirety. It also provided viable and sound bases in order to derive rulings for all newly occurring problems that the people can possibly face in the course of life.

After making clear what is suitable for the revival of the Ummah (Moslems Society) and to elevate the human upon the steps leading to completion. And after explaining the manner of how to reach that by explaining the the manner of productive thinking which must be an enlightened thought that clears away all obscurities around matters and clarifies the features of things and realities. This is in order to specify for the human the possibility of his moving forward upon a course of action or the possibility of him being reluctant to do so, which is built upon fundamental principles and precise criteria or measures that he must utilise during the thinking process. After having made all of this clear it is then necessary to understand the reality that is desired to be treated and to gain a deep understanding about it until we are able to transform it to what we want or take a suitable stance and position towards it.
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Download BUKU Dakwah Rasul SAW Metode Supremasi Ideologi Islam