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The shallow thought

The shallow thought means to judge upon the most basic or simple aspects or appearances of things and their realities without knowing that thing or reality and understanding it well, like knowing what it is or the basis that it has emanated from, or the circumstances that surround it, or without possessing significant information about it and without attempting to obtain the information that explains that reality. Or the one who accepts information that has been explained to him whilst this thought is distinguished by shallowness or naivety. It is very easy to deceive people who are characterised by this thinking which is done through deceptive displays or appearances, sweet speech and false promises. In addition a society in which the like of these shallow thoughts dominate remains in the hands of its leaders and rulers. These people are led by resounding charismatic speeches, moved by the stirring of emotions and are satisfied with the least of gains or outcomes. And how truthful were the words of the one who described these people with the words: ‘They are gathered by the drum and they are dispersed by the stick’.

And how great the number of examples there are in our society which reflect this shallowness and how often do the people hasten towards thoughts which on the outside appear to be merciful whilst their inside (and true reality) bring suffering. This is so that the leaders and rulers are capable of taming the people and of bringing them down to the level of despair and despondency whilst leading them to accept any solution that the leader or ruler chooses for them. The most vivid example of the shallowness of the people is reflected in how easy it is to lead them by utilising deceptive mirages and fake appearances, and this state of affairs repeats itself time and time again. The best example of this is the issue of Palestine and the situations that is has passed through since its beginning until this hour. Room and possibilities have still been left available for the leaders and rulers to take Palestine as a means to achieve their aims or implement their desires or those of their masters by bringing the Ummah (Moslems Society) to a condition and state of despair, hopelessness and surrender despite its reality not differing much from the remaining Muslim lands.

There (real) issue is the same issue and it does not differ except from the angle of the appearance that has been cast upon it. This is because all of the Muslim lands suffer from the same reality Palestine suffers from and the process of taming the Muslims is one single process even if its manifestations are many. So Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Morocco, Algeria, Saudi and Yemen are all the same in relation to the desire to tame the people and make them accept the rulings of Kufr (disbelief). The shallow thought as we have stated is the judgement upon the most simple manifestation of a specific reality without paying attention to the truth of this reality and without expending effort to understand this true reality by knowing its causes and effects or to understand the basis that it has emanated from or what is built upon it. This in addition to not knowing or understanding its circumstances, conditions and what is related to it.

For example: When we here a commotion outside in the street we go out to see a mass of people raising banners and shouting slogans. It would in this case be shallow or superficial to find it enough to state that what has been witnessed is merely a demonstration. It is higher and more elevated to expend effort to know and understand what lies behind it and which parties or groups are leading it. And it would be even more elevated to know the real goals and motives that are hidden behind this demonstration and what the circumstances, conditions and realities are that has driven this party to organise a protest.
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Download BUKU Dakwah Rasul SAW Metode Supremasi Ideologi Islam