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Yemen Popular Committees vary in office yet concur on capturing Shabab of Hizb ut Tahrir

On Friday, 06/03/2015 CE, the supposed Popular Committees in the territory of Aden set out on capturing two individuals from Hizb ut Tahrir, they are Brother Ali Abdullah Bulsod (matured 24 years) and Brother Abdullah Saleh Junaidi (matured 26 years); taking after the appropriation of a handout by Hizb ut Tahrir/ Wilayah Yemen, after Friday requests to God in which the gathering delineated the Kaffir pilgrim clash in Yemen. The appropriated flyer entitled “America Leads the Coup, Britain Foils it and the Victims are the People of Yemen.”

The infringement of the Popular Committees in Aden on the capture of Shabab of Hizb ut Tahrir is a really political and intelligent insolvency of these advisory groups, as it is the same chapter 11 of the Houthis Popular Committees when they left on capturing Shabab of Hizb ut Tahrir in Sana'a, Amran, Ibb. This, if anything, demonstrates the disarray of these Popular Committees and the absence of information of what is occurring around them of occasions and what is being plotted against Yemen and its kin from remote tricks executed by territorial hands, and that they are the executing devices of these plots, whether they know it or not.

What America goes for from undertaking these ridiculousness demonstrations in Yemen is to control the riches and capacities of the populace of Yemen, through applying weight on Hadi by Houthis, to legitimize their choices through arrangements by Republic resolutions marked by Hadi, and after that attacking him and his Prime Minister after they presented their abdications and putting them under house capture. At that point the finish of the upset through the Constitutional Declaration and the work to discover the authenticity of the overthrow by Jamal canister Omar, through dialog between the Houthis and whatever is left of the political gatherings faithful to the English. Notwithstanding, Britain went up against these activities by securing Popular Committees in Yemen along the lines of the Houthis advisory groups, especially in the south and Ma'rib. And also it taught Hadi and his Prime Minister Bahah to present their abdications and henceforth, the difficult strike to America, by encouraging Hadi's way out to Eden then his retreat from abdication and announcing invalid and void all the choices and arrangements made after 21 September. It has likewise educated GCC to manage Hadi as the authentic president of the nation, and the visit of the Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council to Aden and his meeting with Hadi is just a proof of that.

Hizb ut Tahrir, which lives up to expectations in the Ummah for resuscitating it cannily to resume the Islamic lifestyle through the foundation of the Khilafah Rashidah State on the method of the Prophethood, won't be prevented, by what these gatherings, gatherings and advisory groups are doing of captures of the Hizb's Shabab, from proceeding with its require the Ummah to make the crown of the commitments; the Khilafah Rashidah State on the method of the Prophethood.

We call these Popular Committees to revoke office for abroad and rush to cure the circumstance by reacting to the call of Hizb ut Tahrir for the foundation of the Khilafah that safeguard Yemen and other Muslim nations of the shrewdness of the Kafir colonizers. We likewise call them to discharge the Dawah bearers and to be their supporters and aides in uncovering the Kafir West plans in the nation of the populace of Iman and insight, and additionally uncovering the neighborhood and local apparatuses. Also, don't be an impediment and a bulwark in the entry of thoughts, frameworks and procurements of Islam to the individuals. They ought to look to pick up the joy of Allah, the Almighty via conveying the thought, the method and the point of the genuine to the venture of this Ummah so that their activities turn into a witness to them not witness on them.

يَوْمَ لَا يَنْفَعُ مَالٌ وَلَا بَنُونَ * إِلَّا مَنْ أَتَى اللَّهَ بِقَلْبٍ سَلِيمٍ
“The Day when neither wealth nor sons will be of any use – except to those who come to Allah with sound and flawless hearts.”
(Qur'an Surah Ash-Shu’araa: 88-89)

Download BUKU Dakwah Rasul SAW Metode Supremasi Ideologi Islam