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Kyrgystan Secret Police Officers Unjustly put into prison hundreds of people

why were safeguards of human rights quiet amid infringement of human rights and why are they not noiseless at this point?

Prior we educated, that on 25 March 2015 amid a reports check of US native Umar Faruk was kept by policemen of Osh. Policemen found with Umar Faruk duplicates of reports on criminal arguments against individuals from Hizb ut Tahrir and they discovered DVDs with Islamic features, which government considers as radical and terrorist material.

Police created, that Umar Faruk gathered data about the religious circumstance of Osh district without official consent.

Amid checking Umar Faruk said, that he took these duplicates of criminal cases from legal advisor Valerian Vakhitov who lives up to expectations at Human Rights Movement Bir Duino – Kyrgyzstan (One World). Additionally policemen discovered business card of Khusanbay Saliev, chief of this association, with Umar Faruk.

Osh City Court permitted the seeking of houses and work environments of Valerian Vakhitov and Khusanbay Saliev. Accordingly policemen discovered and took handouts, pamphlets, DVDs and blaze cards with religious substance.

In an official press discharge, One World advises that amid hunts Secret Police Officers usurped information from criminal instances of the accompanying:

  • Lawyer Azimjan Askarov (imprisoned for life with the unjust charge for participation of ethnic conflict at 2010),
  • Imam Kamalov Rashod (blamed as extremist and is detained),
  • Bourulaay bint Rakhmongan (imprisoned with 3 month old child),
  • Djumabaev Dilyarjon (beaten by Secret Police officers),
  • Family of businessman Baibabaev (Secret Police officers extorted 20 thousand US dollars from them),
  • Abidjanov Hakimjan and his elderly father (beaten by Secret Police officers).
By Osh City Court choice US national Umar Faruk was extradited from Kyrgyzstan at March 28, 2015.

31 March 2015, there was a public interview at AKIPress Human Rights One World Movement against the unlawful activities of Secret Police of Osh with investment of the accompanying: 

  • Tolekan Ismailova – chairman of Human Rights One World Movement,
  • Valerian Vakhitov – lawyer of One World Osh office,
  • Khusanbai Saliev – lawyer, coordinator of One World Osh office,
  • Edward Lee – associate professor of Bar Council of the Bar of the Kyrgyz Republic and
  • Nurbek Toktakunov – director of the Public Association Partner Group Precedent.
Administrator One World Movement Tolekan Ismailova was agonized over the weight of Secret Police officers on residents and said, Until today in Kyrgyzstan there is no official legitimate structure, which can give competent decisions about extremist materials. And today we see, that Secret Police officers put into prison hundreds of people, against law. Often these people are poor and religious. And why Secret Police finding some books and brochures, considers them as extremist and lies to society that it “fights against extremism”.

Human rights activists feel that administration activities are against law. The State lied that two residents of Kyrgyzstan (Djusupov A. what's more, Ismailov S.) found without anyone else's input that US native Umar Faruk was needed in Russia and afterward educated Secret Police in the city of Osh about Faruk, which submitted unlawful action in Osh. Taking into account this untrustworthy data, Osh City Court considered the seeking of the legal counselors' offices and homes.

This is not the first run through, when Osh City Court permitted seeking taking into account suppositions. Particularly this Court permitted the looking of Sheik Rashod Kori Kamalov house, who is known all through Central Asia and the places of 34 individuals around the same time. At that point that Court permitted looking at place of Roshod Kori Kamalov in light of unconfirmed data, that some 25-year-old individual issued some circle to limited in a taxi in Karasu, and another educated Secret Police about this.

Maybe the Ministry of Justice is on the wrong way. On the other hand Secret Police takes complete control of the Ministry of Justice? Perhaps government deals with this methodology and forces to work all structures of state towards one bearing in the feeling of George Orwell? Then again Secret Police and Ministry of Justice hold the enormous power to work freely and government can't control them?

Illicit activities amid inquiry and capture are happening against many individuals in all of Kyrgyzstan, as aforementioned. Often normal individuals not know their rights, generally just legal advisors know. Human rights association ought to secure common Muslims and also they ensure legal advisors.

Strengths which found that state activities to the attorneys are illegal brilliantly know, that amid numerous years state makes solid activities against individuals from Hizb ut Tahrir. Anyhow nobody from the Human Rights Movements arrange question and answer sessions for assurance the individuals from Hizb ut Tahrir or different Muslims. Also, now when, Allah willing, these Human Rights Movements are in comparative a case and they consider this body of evidence as " Against Human Rights".

Political side of this case

Secret Police of Kyrgyzstan did serious activities against America. Atambaev took after Putin's guidelines amid a visit to conditions of the European Union. Furthermore, included the conditions of EU to a few activities at Kyrgyzstan. A venture was made against legislative issues of administration of America. Since this American administration has an extremely negative impact on Russia and EU. As indicated by this task, Kyrgyzstan is a proviso to fare EU products to Russia to sidestep sanctions against Russia. Obviously this is useful for administrations of Kyrgyzstan, Russia and EU. Anyhow America began to act against this task yet the fundamental effect will be made straightforwardly to Kyrgyzstan. In such case Russia won't have the capacity to help to Kyrgyzstan. That is the reason Russia started to utilize Secret Police of Kyrgyzstan, similar to occurrences with attorneys from Human Rights One World Movement. This implies that Russia specifically meddles in the inner issues of Kyrgyzstan.

Thus America set a few weights against Kyrgyzstan. America attempted to direct Secret Police against Islam and Muslims by the " Islamic Terrorists" task to have them abhor Hizb ut Tahrir. It was clear from the messages the Kyrgyz Service of Radio Azattyk supported by America and the quiet of Human Rights Organizations. Then America and other colonialist states and their workers completely realize that Hizb ut Tahrir don't utilize military movement.

The Radio Azattyk coursed manufactured frenzy of Islamic threat that motived Kyrgyz official TV organizations to take this course against Islam and Muslims. Furthermore, non-government associations did not secure Muslims. Strictly when a question and answer session in Bishkek, it got to be pass that were numerous infringement of human rights against Muslims.

It implies America by coordinating the Kyrgyz government against Muslims sat tight for a reaction from Muslims. That is America needed demonstrations of Islamic challenges and infringement. America did acts so as to disconnect or slaughter such pioneers of Muslims like Sheik Rashod kori Kamalov, Sheik Muhammad Sadyk Muhammad Yusuf, individuals from Hizb ut Tahrir, which have potential outcomes to avert acknowledgment of underhandedness arrangements of the United States. We can say, that America completes all demonstrations against Islam and Muslim.


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