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Turkish Unjust Trials of the Individuals from Hizb ut Tahrir

In the progressing claims against Hizb ut Tahrir amid the years, with assertions that have no premise, and with subjective and unreasonable understandings under the Enemy Penalty Act, opposing improvements have been happening as of late considering the establishments on which they depend. The principal of these inconsistencies: the capture of our brother Ayhan Aladağ, in a general checkpoint on March 2 in Erzurum in light of the fact that he was conveying the book The System of Islam. In view of this book The System of Islam, and regardless of every last one of protests, the Second Supreme Criminal Court demands the capture of our brother in jail on charges of fitting in with a "terrorist association"!

The second inconsistency: the reason which has been arranged regarding the examination against 28 previous workers of the Ministry of Telecommunications TİB and the Turkish Foundation of Technological Scientific Research TÜBİTAK asserting to listen stealthily on scrambled calls (Alkrebto) for top level states authorities. Thus on until the trial of the blamed is adjusted inside the extension for hostile to terrorism law; prosecutors requested considering the attentiveness of the Attorney General in the Ninth Criminal Court on 19/04/2004 who adapted the trials of the individuals from Hizb ut Tahrir to be in the setting of "un-outfitted terrorist association" as a point of reference.

Third: The vindication of the First Supreme Criminal Court in Gaziantep against 17 individuals from Hizb ut Tahrir on March 26. The court's indictment said in their readings, "Despite the existence of a necessary and sufficient evidence to indicate that the defendants undertake activities within a political framework in the name of Hizb ut Tahrir. The absence of sufficient evidence that Hizb ut Tahrir, to which the defendants are accused of being a part of an armed terrorist organization, and finding a large number of books, leaflets and CDs in the homes and workplaces of the defendants during the inspection operation, as shown in the prosecution's 40-page file, and not finding, other than these books, any weapon or any explosive substance with the accused, and the fact that the organization, to which these defendants belong in this case is a form of organization or association or political group, rather than an armed terrorist organization, and concluding to the absence of the legal elements of the armed terrorist organization. We demand the court to acquit all the defendants from the charge of crime that is attributed to them".

It can be seen from these improvements that the casualties of the contention between the AKP and Gülen's development are standard Muslims; and the decision given by the Supreme Criminal Court in Erzurum absolutely negates the Supreme Criminal Court in Gaziantep. So what is the purpose behind this disagreement?

The evacuation of this sort of resolute and squeezing inconsistency, and the industriousness did by the Ninth Penalty Circle of the Supreme Court against Hizb ut Tahrir ought to be abrogated, which is the explanation behind the issuance of punishments against individuals from Hizb ut Tahrir and a hefty portion of the reliable Muslims. It is not amazing that the individuals who were as of not long ago utilizing this ingenuity as a weapon against Muslims, are presently confronting the same discipline by the same industriousness.

At last, we say to the individuals who claim that they were deceived into the Ergenekon and Balyoz claims and the 17-25 December attacks: why are you just discussing the deviation from justice and the rebellion created to you? Leave deception, be fair and don't add more bad form to your shamefulness! You can see that until today, there are still the individuals who are confined in light of a book they convey, and are wrongfully and forcefully sent to jail under the affection of terrorism. Remember that justice is an ideal for all, and a deferred equity is not justice!"

Download BUKU Dakwah Rasul SAW Metode Supremasi Ideologi Islam