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Houthis Captured an Individual from Hizb ut Tahrir for Spreading a Flyer Uncovering and Denouncing Operation Decisive Storm?!!

The Houthis civilian armies in Raydah District in the territory of Amran captured Brother Mutahhar Ahmad Al-Rashidi, age 43, who acts as a school central in the region. He was captured from his home on Monday, 30/03/2015 CE and afterward was sent to the area; that was taking after his dispersion of a handout by the Hizb entitled "Finally, the fighter jets of the agent rulers mobilize... But only to kill Muslims, not to fight the enemies!!" The leaflet reads in part, "The jets and battleship of these rulers have mobilized to invade Yemen, instead of attacking the Jewish entity, even though it is closer to them! The worst of their justifications is that this attack is to protect the Qibla of the Muslims, whilst it is has not been invaded. On the other hand, the first Qibla of the Muslims has been invaded, screaming and shouting out for help! The jets of these rulers have been mobilized towards Yemen in service of the agendas of the disbelieving colonialists, after never being mobilized to save the Blessed Land that has been occupied by those most severe in enmity against the Muslims!"

Houthis and a percentage of the political strengths were aggravated of the pamphlet issued by the Hizb, in spite of the fact that it was declaring reality; it didn't compliment the ruler nor a gathering or any of the gatherings. The gathering, all through its course, was just a consultant, a warner and a revealer of the arrangements of the West and its devices of the operators rulers and the individuals who walked with them and dedicating themselves completely to their arms whoever they are; whether they acknowledged it or not. The gathering just perspectives matters from the point of view of Islam and never dedicated in its positions and its profile with the exception of by it. It never watched the clashing gatherings with the stinking partisan speculum, which the West looks to touch off among Muslims, yet all its investigation and its perspectives of the occasions is a profound and illuminated perspective that depicts the truth as it seems to be, in any case, the concerned gatherings to the contention in Yemen can't stand the biting truth and the true counsel.

The Hizb uncovered in the handout the truth of the standing clash in Yemen and its gatherings, the specialists; demonstrating that it is an Anglo-American International Conflict, where the pamphlet expressed:

"America has supported the Houthis through Iran with weapons so that they are able to dominate Yemen by force. She realizes that the political medium in Yemen is dominated by Britain's men. Thus, the Houthis thought they had the power to dominate Yemen. They besieged the president to force him to give them what they sought for the laws they had issued. He would agree, then delay in implementation...until they imposed house arrest on him but he escaped, moving to Aden. They pursued him there, but he escaped again. Thus the struggle became prolonged for the Houthis who spread themselves in the land, but without getting what they wanted, except for Saleh's men who went with them, in order to share in the prize if they won against Hadi, but to leave them if they failed or even came close! The first indications of this are now apparent."

The Hizb then went ahead to investigate the truth of the hits got by Houthis from the alleged Operation Decisive Storm, and said: "America realized that the Houthis found themselves in a shambles. They had extended themselves across Yemen, but were unable to either successfully dominate or to return to their stronghold in the north. She therefore decided to save them through limited military action, by which she seeks to hit two birds with one stone: to show them as victims, after the people had begun to see them as aggressors; and to create the atmosphere for emergency negotiations, to come thereby to a compromise solution. This is her well-trodden path, with respect to what she is unable to take alone....All of this has become clearer by following what took place, and is taking place. Saudi Arabia consulted with America before the military action and those undertaking the active military role - Salman and Sisi - are American agents. As for the Gulf states, Jordan and Morocco, their role is more political, as per the British habit in countering America, such that she remains in the picture and has a place in the forthcoming negotiations, in order to take a share in the distribution of influence. While pressing military action succeeds at times, in opening the door of negotiation, it also fails at times, destabilizing matters anew, engulfing Yemen in its fire - Yemen, who was content and happy a time not long ago...when her pure land was not desecrated by the feet of agents and disbelieving colonialists."

We realize that there are numerous earnest devotees in the developments that are named Islamic developments, including the Houthis, yet truthfulness alone is insufficient without familiarity with what is going ahead in the universal position and the condition of its adherents of the operators rulers. On the off chance that the Houthis and gatherings to the contention in Yemen and the area are angered to be depicted as operators, then give them a chance to explore the significance of the term to understand that the specialists is the one finishing the plans of the adversaries whether he knew it or not. So tell all these that the Shabab of Hizb ut Tahrir are walking to the guarantee of Allah Almighty so dependent upon Allah, until possibly He سبحانه وتعالى makes His Deen triumphant, whereupon the Khilafah Rashidah on the system for the Prophethood is built, or the neck get separated. And in addition, let them realize that the Shabab of Hizb ut Tahrir are the security valve in this country. What's more, they are, Allah willing, its pioneers towards gathering the word, bringing together the positions, dismissing the division and uncovering the adversaries of Islam. And also building the Sultan (power) of Islam, pronouncing the expression of truth and encouraging to each Muslim and that is not troublesome for Allah. So let the arrival of Brother Mutahhir Al-Rashidi happen promptly and the arrival of each prisoner who was unreasonably arrested.

وَاللّهُ لاَ يُحِبُّ الظَّالِمِينَ
"And Allah does not like the wrongdoers"
(Qur'an Surah: Al-i-Imran: 57)

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