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Abbott Government Scapegoats Islam and Moslems for results of western state savagery

Leader Tony Abbott conveyed his greatly anticipated National Security Statement yesterday, 23 February 2015, in which he guaranteed that the "terrorist threat" is rising and hailed new efforts to establish safety on citizenship, movement and welfare. The general need ofany new substance in the announcement affirmed the perspective that this was minimal more than a shabby practice in apprehension legislative issues.

Comments in light of the substance of the Statement:

1. The announcement proceeds with the pretentious methodology of western conditions of looking to change the victimized person attacker ideal model. The aggressors – effective states whose viciousness is in charge of the blood of millions – are misleadingly painted as the victimized people. In truth, the wrong responses of some to neo-pioneer mercilessness does not change the way that that fierceness is the first hostility and the basic issue. Keeping the activity would keep the response. Proceeding with the hostility is a formula for propagating the issue, which is all we've seen in the most recent 14 years of the 'War on Terror'.

2. In asserting that no grievances or reasons are behind the savagery, it is the Abbott Government who pardons and advocates terrorism. It pardons and advocates the "primitive brutality" dispensed on whole populaces in Iraq and Afghanistan by its associates. It pardons and supports the systemic viciousness perpetrated on whole people groups by the oppressive administrations it backings, for example, the administrations in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

3. The accentuation on repudiating citizenship, confining migration and denying welfare is in fact "window dressing" playing to conservative supremacist feeling on these subjects. Else, it is fairly plain that those goal on doing the wrong thing won't stop in light of contemplations of citizenship or welfare. Surely, these measures keep on expanding on the now entrenched two-level lawful framework in this nation: one arrangement of laws for Muslims and another for other people.

4. Tony Abbott paints the Australian foundation as pleasant, tolerant, not too bad, and tolerating. The offspring of Iraq murdered first by inhumane authorizations and after that war would can't help disagreeing. The offspring of refuge seekers muffled adrift or imprisoned in penitentiaries like lawbreakers would tend to disagree. The offspring of Gaza, executed playing on the shoreline or lying in doctor's facility, would tend to disagree. The kids murdered by US rambles in Pakistan and Yemen would can't help disagreeing. Who does Tony Abbott think he is tricking?

5. On the off chance that the "terrorist danger" is ascending at home and abroad, as guaranteed, the current "counter-terrorism" approach – more laws, more reconnaissance and all the more delicate force interruption in the Muslim group - connected reliably for a long time now, is definitely a fizzled methodology. The Prime Minister ought to concede this, as opposed to offering business as usual.

6. The Coalition Government, with timid backing from Labor, is straightforwardly focusing on Islam and Muslims under the guise of battling brutality. It is remarkable that all the samples of indictments, episodes and gatherings utilized as a part of the National Security Statement were of Muslims. No notice of the arranged savage acts by non-Muslims like the Pullenvale case. No notice of "scorn evangelists" like the Australian Defense League. No notice of "amazing philosophy" like that of different Zionist bunches. No notice of "remote warriors" who go to prepare and battle with the IDF.

7. Muslims should reject the charge of lecturing abhor or spreading strife and division. It is those in the political foundation and media who always vilify Islam and Muslims and share in a shoddy governmental issues of trepidation that spread disagreement and division. War makes scorn, not talking against it. Visually impaired backing for an out of line and severe intrusions like "Israel" which has pushed three eras of an individuals into slums makes disdain, not talking against this. Directing and forcing religious convictions make contempt, not talking against this.

8. The guarantee of "stronger forbiddances of attack" at the end of the day uncovered the fraud of liberal opportunities. At the point when the Prophet (saw) is offended and criticized, it is defended for the sake of free discourse. Yet when Muslims account unfair remote and local arrangements, even without abuse, they are undermined with criticism laws.

9. The call for Islam to be changed and Muslim pioneers to accomplish more is a continuation of the stacking of aggregate fault for brutality on Muslims. It is a slap despite those Muslims who have for a considerable length of time as of now been stating, "Islam implies peace" and offering judgments and statements of regret for western utilization. The Muslim group has estimably rejected this. She should now embrace a principled position of setting the center where it ought to: on western state roughness and overabundances.

10. It is not Islam that needs reconstruction. Islam has a thousand year history of distinctive people groups living calmly together under the Caliphate, with flourishing and wellbeing for all. In sharp differentiation, liberal majority rule governments can't indicate even one case in a 300-year history where minorities were not ill-used and/or scapegoated for the systemic disappointments of the state and society – correctly what is happening in our present case. At its pith, what we are seeing is a moderate however beyond any doubt move in western states towards dictatorship – powerfully symbolized by the Prime Minister's decision of venue and initial festival of the AFP, ADF and ASIO – to appropriate the inexorable and developing agitation brought about by systemic disappointments. Trepidation of Muslims is simply an easy scapegoat.

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