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in light of the article by Makki Al-Maghribi: "Hizb ut Tahrir... an Office of the Political Analyst"

Dear regarded Brother Makki Al-Maghribi,

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

We have perused your article issued in the Alsudani Newspaper on Wednesday, 1st April 2015, under the title "Hizb ut Tahrir... an Office of the Political Analyst" In which you have drawn a few downsides on us, as "It will also be taken on them the confusion between the political commentary, the political analysis, and the political stance of the party," furthermore, for example, "...they confuse analysis and commentary in the Hizb's release regarding Yemen". At that point you inferred that "this is a very remote analysis, since British and American policies are consistent..."

Initially, we thank you for your enthusiasm for Hizb ut Tahrir's productions and your analysis, which we have regarded and acknowledged.

Besides, we realize that political investigation is not political analysis, yet we are an ideological political gathering which does not dissect the occasions and activities, and be fulfilled by that alone, as scholastics do. And additionally it doesn't remark on them – i.e. political occasions and activities - without examination. For we give a supposition about current political occasions, subsequently, we break down occasions and afterward remark on them from the viewpoint of the Islamic Aqeedah, thus, there is no disarray as expressed in your article.

Third, remaining on the political activities and passing judgment on them, require a precise learning of global legislative issues. Connecting these activities to the political data and connecting them to past occasions and activities, give the right judgment. This is on account of political occasions and political activities can't be judged apparently, overall the judgment gets to be shallow. Rather, they require profundity, and maybe illumination and this judgment must be from an uncommon edge. We as Muslims look to political occasions and activities from the point of the Islamic Aqeedah.

Be that as it may, we are an ideological political gathering looking for the recovery on the premise of Islam, subsequently, Hizb ut Tahrir is attempting to make political mindfulness among the Ummah through teaching it with the thoughts and guidelines of Islam first and foremost, not as theoretical hypotheses, however they ought to be connected to the occasions and the circumstances. Additionally to catch up the political occasions, not as the columnists would who like to discover the news and report them. Be that as it may the political occasions must be seen from the viewpoint of the Islamic Aqeedah to judged, or connected with different occasions and thoughts, or with political activities that lies before us. This is the main way that makes political mindfulness among the Ummah, and this is the thing that the Hizb is doing. Along these lines, we don't give a shallow or amazing supposition, yet go further in comprehension the activities and occasions which empowers us to give a profound and intensive examination of the truth and the political occasions.

Starting here of perspective, our examination of the current occasions in Yemen began. So with a specific end goal to comprehend it unmistakably we audit the accompanying matters:

1. The impact of the British in Yemen has settled in late decades, particularly since Ali Saleh came to power in 1978, where he has trimmed, rather cut, the wings of American impact in Yemen, and sought after its operators and devotees, and the successful political class in Yemen got to be practically selective to the British and its specialists... This has proceeded up until the Arab Spring occasions in 2011 in Yemen, where individuals rose up against Ali Saleh for his oppression and his one-sided running the show. In their development, they were influenced by the winds of progress in other Arab nations. On the other hand, the absence of political cognizance of the revolting masses hosts empowered different gatherings, particularly the United States and their unions: Iran territorially and the Houthis and Southern Movement provincially, to adventure the current occasions wherein America saw a special open door. Since shockingly Ali Saleh's power had been firmly shaken, his grasp on force debilitated, and the power's establishments are release.

2. America started to move truly to secure an answer for the occasions that matches it through its consulate and agents, and its neighborhood adherents. England has really felt that America is not kidding about this, so it went on its regular path, to take the activity for an answer that jelly its impact and in which it keeps pace with America and fulfills it by issuing it something that does not make Britain lose its impact in Yemen. So it moved its devices in the Gulf States, and dispatched first and foremost of April 2011 the Gulf Initiative which requires the renunciation of Ali Abdullah Saleh, vow not to arraign him and hand over his forces to his delegate Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who is faithful to it. At that point to hold decisions inside two months and after that start to work for another constitution. America has endorsed the activity and thought of it as a break venture in the evacuation of Ali Abdullah Saleh. Since it saw in him the solid man of Britain in Yemen, while it saw that Hadi is delicate and is less demanding to manage him as indicated by its hobbies more than it could with Ali Saleh. Yemen News - Reuters cited on 14/08/2013 what demonstrates that; it said, " Washington Finds Hadi a More Amendable Partner Than Saleh". Accordingly America saw the likelihood of debilitating Britain's impact in Yemen after the transfer of the British solid specialists, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

America esteemed the activity as a between time step, it needed to bend the neck of the activity to enhance it or disavow it through two methods: Firstly, reassuring their devotees, particularly the Houthis to reject the activity and disturb it. Also it sent its man Jamal container Omar as the emissary to the United Nations, or rather all the more precisely to America, to deal with the undertakings of the activity in a way that accomplishes the hobbies of America in full, or in a successfully halfway way. Along these lines, the activity got to be similar to a ball hurled around. So in one hand, Britain and its supporters in the Gulf have snatched the strings of the arrangement by the Gulf Initiative, and have made a popular feeling that made America acknowledge it. While then again, America sees it as a venture through which it won by disposing of Ali Saleh, the stringent British specialists. As his successor, Hadi, however is of the British adherents, yet is less stressing and of a more merciful character, which may empower America to change the terms of the activity, disturb its usage or annul it. This is done through power from the Houthis and the Southern Movement and through arranging work through one of its men, Jamal canister Omar... As such, Britain saw the activity as a rescue of its impact and conservation. Since Hadi is of its men and the political milieu is its generation, in the meantime it fulfills America maybe it mitigates its weights... America has affirmed the activity as a break to travel through it to have the genuine impact in Yemen.

3. England has understood that America is not kidding about utilizing power to get entrance to noteworthy picks up in decision Yemen, and that the Houthis have powerful quality from arms and ammo supplied by Iran... England's acknowledgment of this matter continues to oppose it in a bi-parallel way: The first: is that Hadi ought to apply push to endeavor his position as a president to keep the enablement of the Houthis of the successful force. The second line is the presentation of Ali Saleh as an accomplice for the Houthis in contradicting the standard of Hadi; effectively some of his supporters have officially joined the Houthis, conveying the pennant of the General People's Congress (the gathering of the previous Yemeni President). At the point when the British Ambassador was asked whether she was corresponding with the previous President Ali Abdullah Saleh she said, "I Do Not Have a Direct Relationship With Ali Abdullah Saleh, But I Communicate With the General People's Congress Including Parties Close To It." (Middle East, 27/09/2014). It is comprehended from this that Britain has likewise trained its specialists Ali Saleh to collaborate with the Houthis, since the British Ambassador conceded her correspondence with the gathering of Ali Saleh, the person who runs the gathering and controls it with no opponent or rival to him. And the authority representative for the Houthis, Mohamed Abdel Salam said, " We Consider That Saleh Had No Role After the Revolution of February 2011 And Prior To That, And We Hope That The Outputs of the Dialog Conference Will Address That." (Kuwaiti Politics, 23/09/2014). This additionally demonstrates the Houthis' certain perspective towards Ali Saleh, which affirms the way that the British educated Ali Saleh and their decision party, the Congress Party, which is going by Ali Saleh to take this position and coordinate with the Houthis amid their entrance to the capital. So that Mohsen al-Ahmar, Adviser to President Hadi for Defense and Security Affairs, who has opposed the Houthis in the first place as specified by the authority representative for the Houthis, had quit opposing the Houthis, left the nation and took asylum in the Saudi administration. He was accounted for saying, after his appearance in Saudi Arabia where he said thanks to them for securing him that the explanation behind leaving is: " We Have Decided, After Consultation With The President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, To Avoid Civil War At Any Price" (New Arab, 26/09/2014). Hence, Britain pushed some of its men to take part with the Houthis and kept away some of its men who battled the Houthis...

These measures by Britain to push Ali Saleh with the Houthis so if Hadi couldn't utilize his position as president to keep America and its devotees from the genuine access to the principle; then Ali Saleh would be a dynamic accomplice with the Houthis and after that save the British impact in Yemen and specifically that the Houthis have no mainstream backing to make them one-sided leaders of Yemen...

4. In this setting, the environment of Houthis' power, American-supported politically and with security, and the air of political shrewdness which is fared by the British... In this setting, the Houthis raged Sanaa, and when the armed force attempted to oppose, Jamal Bin Omar interceded under the affection of arrangement and to forestall it. The Houthis misused this setting further bolstering their good fortune and assumed control over the administration structures, which incorporated the building of the Prime Minister, and the war room of the armed force, and the TV compound... furthermore, they assaulted a percentage of the structures and wreaked their substance, all or the greater part of the capital fell under their grip... In this setting, Jamal Bin Omar additionally utilized shifted method for weight to hold the Peace Agreement and National Partnership, and was clear that it went for the passage of American impact in an open way in Yemen. A percentage of the additions for the Houthis were expressed in the Convention; for instance, in the terms of the understanding it expressed, " The Appointment Of New Political Advisers To The President of the Republic From The Southern Movement And The Houthis," " Install Political Advisors To The President of the Republic With Criteria For Candidates For Positions In The New Government", " Chooses The President And The Ministers of Defense, Finance And Foreign And Domestic As Par The Condition of Their Agreement With The Criteria Listed Above, In Addition To The Lack of Affiliation Or Allegiance To Any Political Party." The Houthis considered this consent to have revoked the Gulf Initiative, representative for the Houthis, Mohamed Abdel Salam, expressed that the Gulf Initiative has finished, never to return, calling attention to that the peace assention and organization which occurred in the president's base camp last Sunday 21/9/2014 archiving a political contract with another political association taking into account the results of the Dialog Conference and to meet prominent requests. (News Online, 25/09/2014).

However the authority power stayed in the hands of Britain through President Hadi, and some imperative services... what's more, as we said prior, Britain opened a road to Ali Saleh with the Houthis as a move down to spare its impact if Hadi couldn't misuse his presidential energy to stop the solid mediations for the Houthis in force. There is a security supplement to the Convention which the Houthis declined to sign however they marked it after about a week when Hadi delayed picking a PM in light of the fact that the Houthis did not sign the security connection, i.e., that the president has abused this time his presidential forces to put off naming the PM for the refusal of Houthis to sign the security supplement.

They marked it despite the fact that they have yet to execute it essentially! By and by, they marked it after their embracement in deferring naming the executive, so Jamal Bin Omar that Houthis ought to consent to the arrangement and that the give and take ought to be in its execution and not in the marking!

Accordingly, Jamal Bin Omar expressed that the Houthi gathering has marked the security supplement of the peace understanding and the association after a week of declining to sign it, and this was affirmed by the authority representative for the Houthis Mohamed Abdel Salam when he said, " The Signing of the Security Supplement Took Place After Minor Adjustments." (Khabar News Agency, 27/9/2014).

It appears that Iran too has a part subsequent to the marking came two days after the Yemeni powers discharged two specialists from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard blamed for spying and preparing activists, notwithstanding the arrival of the eight others sentenced carrying weapons from Iran to the Houthis! England has concentrated on the requirement for execution and not simply the marking, it communicated its position through the British Ambassador in Yemen, Jane Marriott "Demanded That the Houthis Have to Respect What They Signed By The Withdrawal of Their Troops From the Streets of Sanaa And Surrounding the Camp." She said, "We want to see them leave (Sanaa) sooner rather than later, and leave security to the security forces of Yemen while we accept that the Houthis and others have a legitimate role to play in Yemen. They must withdraw from the streets of Sanaa, when the new prime minister is appointed and we will observe this closely with the expectation that the Houthis do so, though if they do not then we will consider this as a breach of the agreement. " (Middle East, 27/09/2014).

5. Hadi has uncovered large portions of the weights he confronted, in his discourse to the heads of authorities, pastors and appointees in the administration on 23/9/2014, i.e. two days in the wake of consenting to of the arrangement, the accompanying was accounted for by Saba' (a Yemeni news organization), "I address you in this difficult moment in our Yemeni history and I am fully aware of the difficulty of the past few days, and I realize that you all feel the shock of what happened and the surrendering of some state institutions and army units in the way that we've seen, but you should also know that the conspiracy may have been beyond imagination, we have been stabbed and betrayed". He included, "It's a conspiracy exceeded the limits of the country, where many forces allied from stakeholders who lost their property and opportunists who see in every calamity to eat of the wealth of the nation" (Yemeni News Agency / SABA, 23/9/2014).

Hadi has assaulted Iran, as specified by on September 15, 2014, colloquialism: "We repeatedly warned of any interference in Yemen's internal affairs, but what is happening is perhaps are messages in order to impose regional hegemony and expose Yemen to large risks, and there is evidence to prove Iran's interference in the affairs of Yemen."

6. America has favored the understanding which demonstrates its backings for everything that occurred, it needed the Houthis to enter the capital, and a consent to be come to with them under the weight of weapons, and to be acknowledged as a critical political constituent... In a telephone call from the White House, the US President's counsel for counter-terrorism, Lisa Monaco with President Hadi said, "This achievement (signing of the agreement) will represent the essential foundation which is built on the outputs of the comprehensive National Dialogue Conference." She likewise said, "The United States is closely following events step by step" (Yemen Street from Conference Net, 24/9/2014).

Thusly all that happened was under the United States' weight to direct to the administration to perceive the Houthi part is subsidiary with Iran as a segment of the political cosmetics in Yemen despite the fact that it is furnished, in this way America can utilize them for the usage of its plans there as it did in Lebanon with the outfitted political gatherings associated with Iran.

Furthermore, there is an issue looked for by the United States in Yemen and making it be a worry to enslave Yemen under its summons, not as a result of its key area, yet for what is distributed of reports that show that Yemen sits on incredible oil and gas riches. It was (uncovered by Sky News an American TV slot, that the biggest wellspring of oil on the planet join with an underground oil store is in Yemen, some piece of which stretches out to Saudi Arabia, a division at a profundity of 1800 meters, however the significant store is under the place where there is Yemen... (Glad Yemen site, 8/1/2013).) However the Ministry of Oil of Yemen denied the report by Sky News as expressed on the Site of the Ministry of Oil and Minerals of Yemen 13/01/2013.

While the Sky News piece remains a point of interest, particularly for the pioneer powers, for example, the United States, and this is the reason the connections between the American diplomat to Yemen and the Oil Ministry is a warm relations! It was accounted for by Saba' Net on 15/09/2014 from the meeting of the American envoy in Yemen with the Oil Minister in the service on 15/9/2014, it cited the accompanying: "the American ambassador pointed to the desire of many American companies to meet with specialists in the Ministry of Oil and minerals on the sidelines of the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Conference which will be held in November 2014 CE, pointing to the expansion of investment in the petroleum sector in Yemen, especially since a lot of areas are still under exploration."

This expands the enthusiasm of America in Yemen.

7. Taking everything into account:

a. The continuous clash in Yemen is between two gatherings: America (its adherents and specialists) and Britain (its devotees and operators) and each of the two gatherings utilized their methods and routines... America supporters are continuing with rationale of power of the Houthis and Southern Movement and

Iran, notwithstanding the strategy for arrangement to accomplish picks up through Jamal Bin Omar... In the interim Britain is taking after the rationale of political guile by abusing Hadi for his presidential power and treatment of America for the counteractive action of its weights, and without permitting it to grab hold of delicate positions in the administration, then by pushing Ali Saleh and his men with the Houthis, in the event of Hadi's disappointment and Houthis get the high ground, Britain will have an offer in force and not any offer, by means of Ali Saleh and his men.

It is a reality that the populace of Yemen are an individuals of confidence and knowledge... to make this matter to win in both domains, Allah is with the exemplary.

With respect to stating that British arrangement is reliable with the American approach, this needs survey. America today is the nation with the strongest impact in the universal legislative issues; rather it is very nearly the main expert of the worldwide circumstance. Notwithstanding, Britain, which was a superpower before World War II, can't be envisioned that it is dominated and turns into a supporter of America, despite the fact that it realizes that it can't rival America on the position of the main state. This is the reason we don't say that its arrangement is reliable with America, however we say that it assuages America and does not crash into it specifically in the contention for impact and hobbies in Muslim nations. Hence, Britain uses its old specialists in the district, who owe their steadfastness, and twist their heads sporadically to the American storm so as not to lose their screwy seats.

وَيَوْمَئِذٍ يَفْرَحُ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ بِنَصْرِ اللَّهِ يَنْصُرُ مَنْ يَشَاءُ وَهُوَ الْعَزِيزُ الرَّحِيمُ
"And that day the believers will rejoice. In the victory of Allah. He gives victory to whom He wills, and He is the Exalted in Might, the Merciful."
(Ar-Rum: 4-5)

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