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Hizb ut Tahrir is wrongfully blamed for harboring terrorism

An answer to what was distributed in Het Parool daily paper: " Moroccan Boys Do Not Need Protection"

On the Het Parool page, one of the segments included an article entitled: "Moroccan Boys Do Not Need Protection". It is extraordinary that the title has nothing to do with the announcements of the leader of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan, in October a year ago in regards to the open deliberation that was sorted out between Yassin Al-Furqani and me in the focal point called Arjan. Extracts of the leader's announcements included,
“We believe that this man will not miss a chance in order to lure the Moroccan youth to  convert them to jihadists, but we are working to educate some important figures, and they in turn will work to keep young people away from radicalization.”

The man who is blamed by the Mayor for enrolling youthful Moroccans, when he said "this gentleman" is me, and to keep our voices from coming to the individuals the leader practiced colossal weight on Arjan Center to drop the open deliberation, and obviously the core took after the requests of the chairman and they scratched off the verbal confrontation. We then reacted to the allegations against us through a press discharge, and we have clarified the thought processes behind the talk about's scratch-off, however scholars of Dutch daily papers particularly the individuals who work in Het Parool Newspaper are as yet remarking on the occurrence, the latest of their most recent remarks was last Wednesday, and here's a sample of these remarks:
“Pala believes that the world should be an Islamic state, while Al-Furqani is against any form of extremism.”
“If the debate between Pala and Al Furqani was not cancelled, the youth of Amsterdam would have come to know that there are many interpretations of Islam, and that a true Muslim should not join ISIS, this is what Al-Furqani wanted to tell the people.”

Hizb ut Tahrir is wrongfully blamed for harboring terrorism, and that its thoughts are like the thoughts of ISIS, in the mean time everybody is mindful that Hizb ut Tahrir is a political gathering since it was established in 1953, and its whole work is intelligent and political. From one perspective, and then again, the gathering through its announcements have communicated its perspectives about the alleged Khilafah of the affirmed ISIS. The Hizb does not guarantee not even once that it battles to reach to power in or to change the general public whether in the Netherlands or whatever other western nation. Since the Western nations are not piece of the zones of the Hizb's work nor the regions for working towards the Khilafah though its work is bound to Muslim nations.

The work did by Hizb ut Tahrir in the Netherlands and other Western nations can be condensed as takes after:

Conveying of the immaculate Islamic considerations for Muslims here and refined them with the Islamic society.

Urging Muslims to protect their Islamic personality.

Safeguarding the hobbies of the Muslim group.

Safeguarding Islam and the sympathy toward Muslim undertakings.

Conveying the message of Islam to non-Muslims.

The essayists of the daily paper communicated their dismissal of the talk about's undoing. The civil argument for them may be a decent way that empowers erudite people to control the Muslim youth, hush them, and shield them from radicalism, and make them comprehend that genuine opportunity exist in majority rules system and not in an Islamic state fascism, and here lies the issue – Protecting the offspring of Muslims is utilized by Westerners as a Trojan steed to legitimize the criminalization of Islamic thoughts. The Islamic State (the Khilafah) has been viewed as an autocracy due to the way that some association has abducted this thought when their "Khilafah" is not genuine; Shariah clarified the structure of the state and how and when the state is an Islamic state. There is an agreement in Islamic culture about the commitment of its foundation and the work for it. The vicinity of Muslims who hold distinctive considerations toward the Western suspected that overwhelms Western culture does not show fanaticism or the plan of attempting to undermine the Western majority rule framework, yet characteristically there are contrasts in musings between individuals.

In the previous couple of years the Islamic images and thoughts were battled through the presentation of treacherous arrangements against Muslims, this has prompted an increment in pressure in the middle of Muslims and non-Muslims in this nation and created an antagonistic air, and this as a result of the industrialist framework and the entrepreneurs commanding the individuals, and the article in the Het Parool Newspaper is a sample of this. A fair framework is the particular case that endures the ones who convey an alternate thought and thinks of them as a feature of the general public; they can keep up their protection and are not compelled to leave their personality.

Hizb ut Tahrir accept that it is regular to have contrasts in feeling, and it is feasible for the cannily distinctive to talk about in an acculturated way to comprehend what is right from wrong, and along these lines we are prepared to examine with anybody impartially.

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