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The Type of This Society of Ours

What type of Ummah is this Ummah of ours? 
It is the Islamic Society (Ummah) and the evidence for this is what ‘Ali Ibn Abi Taalib (ra) wrote and was dictated to him by Muhammad the Messenger of Allah (saw) in the very first written constitution which the people signed upon when the Messenger of Allah (saw) made Hijrah from Makkah to Al-Madinah. The first article in the constitution provided the definition of this Society (Ummah) when it stated: 

Muhammad the Messenger of Allah and those believing Muslims with him are one Society (Ummah) to the exclusion of all others

This is the Society (Ummah) that Allah (swt) has made the Ummatan Wasatan (The best/just Society (Ummah)) meaning the best Society (Ummah) raised up for mankind. It occupies the centre stage in the world so that it can fulfil the mission that it has be entrusted with to bear witness over mankind which is exactly the same mission that the Messenger of Allah (saw) undertook. He was at the centre stage of this Society (Ummah), he conveyed the message, fulfilled the trust, was sincere to the Society (Ummah) and performed Al-Jihaad in the way of Allah and gave it his all (saw). 

He (saw) left in this Society (Ummah) a security to protect it from loss and misguidance as he (saw) said: 
I have left amongst you that which if you hold on to it firmly, you will never ever go astray: The Book of Allah and my Sunnah (Saheeh related by Al-Haakim from Abu Hurairah (ra)). 

This is the witness (Shahaadah) of the Messenger of Allah (saw) upon his Society (Ummah) and his argument against them, so where is the witness of his Society (Ummah) over the rest of the people? Indeed the Messenger of Allah (saw) cried when he heard the statement of Allah (swt): 
So how [will it be] when We bring from every nation a witness and we bring you, [O Muhammad] against these [people] as a witness (An-Nisaa 41). 

And then he said to the one who was reciting: ‘That is sufficient’. 

The Messenger (saw) assumed and took charge of this matter throughout his life until he was raised to the best company and this matter was then entrusted and left to his Society (Ummah). So they rose up to this responsibility and Abu Bakr As-Siddeeq (ra) was the first to assume the leadership in this (after the Nabi (saw)). So he established the witness over the Persians and Romans and then he was followed in this by ‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab (ra) who in turn was followed by Khulafaa’ and leaders who firmly established the witness over the people of that time. They were the Society (Ummah) Wasat, the number one State and occupied the central stage in the world; they established the proof upon mankind and continued to convey that which the Messenger (saw) had started.

And we have not sent you except to the entirety of mankind as a bringer of glad tidings and a warner however most of the people do not know (Saba’ 28). 

So the Society (Ummah) carried the Da’wah of Islaam and conveyed it to all of the nations of the world from the borders of China in the East to the Atlantic Ocean in the west, from Turkistan, Samarqand and Azerbaijan through central Asia until it reached the gates of Vienna in the middle of Europe and from Gibraltar to Poitiers in France not far from Paris. This reality continued for as long as they were characterised with what Allah (swt) had commanded them with; ordering the Ma’rouf (good) and forbidding the Munkar (wrong). 

However after that they turned away from this, weakness crept in and they became distanced from that which they had been ordering and became closer to that which they had been forbidding. The flame of Imaan weakened within their breasts, they began to misunderstand their purpose in life and the meaning of being Muslims, their understanding of Islaam weakened and their thinking declined and indeed they declined in many areas. Therefore the diseases of division, backwardness and decline spread amongst them like those of nationalism, tribalism, patriotism, regionalism and clannism and so their State passed by them, their might was broken and their State was dismantled. Indeed they brought down their State and tore up the banner of their glory and presented themselves at the tables of the other nations taking from them anything they thought would mend their affairs. 

And today we have inherited the results of this whilst what is required is for us to be Shuhadaa’ ‘Ala-n-Naas (To be witnesses over mankind). So is it possible for us to witness over mankind without first establishing Islaam in the reality of life? Is it possible to be witnesses over mankind without us first resuming the Islamic way of life or without a State that implements the Hudood, protects the boundaries, looks after the people’s affairs, implements Islaam internally and carries Islaam to the nations of the earth so as to establish the proof and evidence over and upon them and as such becoming witnesses over them? This is the situation where the Da’wah of Islaam has reached all nations, the authority of Islam has spread over the earth, its rules have manifested and its beliefs and thoughts have been presented clearly, so that no one will have any argument in front of Allah and this is the meaning of bearing witness. 

We have inherited this predicament and we are more than a billion Muslims in more than fifty states and Islaam has no authority in any of them. Indeed it does not even have a presence in the general life of the people as the believers from amongst the individuals have restricted Islaam to the ‘Ibaadaat and Akhlaaq (except for the one whom Allah has been merciful upon) and the societies are dominated by capitalist and socialist thoughts and defeated, hypocritical and apathetic opinions. They are plagued by and under the grip of patriotic, nationalistic and spiritualistic feelings and sentiments whilst the States are governed by capitalist and patchwork capitalist systems. 

An even greater calamity than this though is that all of these states without exception proceed in line with the commands of the disbeliever and his agents. 

In addition, the politicians and political party blocs with their different directions compete and battle to attain cheap political gains and to realise temporary and selfish goals without fundamentally knowing anything about the revival and without seeking to clarify a path towards achieving it. They did not possess more than slogans for general unspecific thoughts and they did not present or put forward a method that would in the very least explain what they wanted the society to move towards and to revive upon its basis. Just as they did not clarify a methodology for this work and merely proceeded upon protests, the raising of slogans and inclining towards the rulers and fawning them or opposing them and being hostile to them whenever the situation dictated that, whether this was to secure an interest or to please, appease and satisfy the opinion of street at a given time. In doing so they taught the people that politics meant deception, misleading, hypocrisy and fawning in order to arrive at the goals and realise there hopes and aspirations. And even worse than this, was their view that it was obligatory to seek the help and assistance of the disbeliever to realise their ends and aims and arrive at the purposes or in the very least they did not see anything wrong in doing that and without knowing that this meant political suicide.
This therefore is what we have inherited and this is the reality of the Society (Ummah) that we desire to work with in order to revive her.
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