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Marketing Strategy and Management at the Advanced Undergraduate or Postgraduate Level

Marketing Strategy and Management at the Advanced Undergraduate or Postgraduate Level
The Marketing Manual

Author : Michael J. Baker

This book has been developed primarily for persons who are pursuing a formal course of study in marketing strategy and management at the advanced undergraduate or postgraduate level - a Master’s in marketing, MBA or the postgraduate Diploma of The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

It has three basic objectives:

  1. To test the user’s understanding of key concepts and practices.

  2. To reinforce learning by applying the knowledge base to the solution of practical problems.

  3. To develop skills and competences in problem solving and communication and, particularly, in the specification, diagnosis and solution of marketing problems.

The structure of the book follows the sequence adopted by most marketing management courses. It has been designed for use specifically with The Marketing Book (ed. Michael J. Baker, 3rd edition, 1994), Marketing Strategy and Management (Michael J. Baker, 2nd edition, 1992) and Strategic Marketing Management (Wilson and Gilligan, 2nd edition, 1997). However, its approach and content are directly relevant to other leading texts on the subject.

Each chapter in the book deals with a distinct phase or stage in the strategic marketing planning (SMP) process and so may be used as appropriate quite independently of the others. However, taken together, the chapters cover the complete process involved in developing a strategic marketing plan and so may be used by students for purposes of case analysis as well as by practitioners working on real-world problems. While the latter are not the primary target it is hoped that practitioners will find the various diagnostics and pro formas a useful aide-memoire when developing practical marketing plans.

As is explained in greater detail in Chapter 1, the purpose of the book is to provide a framework to address the four fundamental questions facing the planner/decision maker:

  • 0 Where am I now?

  • 0 Where do I want to go?

  • 0 How do I get there?

  • 0 How will I know when I’ve arrived?

To answer these questions the book comprises eight chapters, each of which addresses a specific topic.

Chapters 1 and 2 provide a broad introduction to the structure of the book, the approach to be followed and a discussion of issues such as problem definition, data collection and analysis, etc. which are common to all problem solving.

Chapters 3 to 8 deal with discrete steps or phases involved in developing a comprehensive marketing plan and comprise narrative (to remind users of relevant concepts, ideas and techniques) and a series of assignments or exercises to test and apply their knowledge and understanding. Taken together, the worked exercises provide the essential elements of an operational marketing plan.

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The Marketing Manual

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